Monday, April 9, 2012


Paper or plastic?
The answer: Neither!

BYOB = Bring your own bag. You can get them for a $1 each at most grocery stores. You can get pretty ones for a little bit more or make your own. Choose sturdy ones so that they last you a long, long time.

Library Tote by Dotty Spot Design

Keep them in your trunk, on the passenger seat of your car or if you're like me and carry an enormous purse - just fold them up and stick them in your purse. This way you'll never forget the bags. Use them every time you shop, not only in grocery stores but also when you go to the mall, flea market or anywhere else.

Upcycled Cat Food Bag by Twinklespins

Make it a habit and try not taking any bags from any stores. It will happen that you run of space in your bags or you forget to bring them etc., and when it does make sure to reuse and recycle the plastic / paper bags you acquire at the store. For example you can reuse the plastic ones as liners in trash cans and paper ones to store your recyclables.

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